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Ascension Guide

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Many blessings. In my body harmonization service I work allot with ascension. There are many ideas what ascension is on this planet is so I thought I would share from my viewpoint.

The mechanics of ascension are a rise within whatever duration of time and effort and then a crest and then a plateau. Depending on the type of ascension, there can be a number of plateaus to achieve what is desired. When educating ourselves, this is an ascension of knowledge. In raising the vibration of our body, this is an ascension. When you are at the crest, then you start to feel like it will never end, is it worth it, etc. That is what you are at the end and need to push through it.

What I specifically work with is ascension of the mind and body so I will focus more on this. In this third dimension, there is the geometry of the triangle. There are many mentions of this in cultures here. Power of three, trinity, etc. In this moment, I am focusing on Spirit, Mind and Body. I also have to be specific on what I mean about mind since there are a number of them including the Human Mind or ego. I am talking about ego since this is what needs to be enlightened to even begin the rise.

So first there is the human mind that needs to rise or ascend to then meet the divine mind. There is an overlap here for a while and then there needs to be the final decision to fully live in the divine mind. The human mind is a linear device and likes to think. Thinking slows us down and creates allot of friction and is often called second guessing ourselves. The divine mind is a focusing device for manifestation of reality for the expression of spirit. That is all the mind is. The first thing I work with people with is to accept that energy plus consciousness is the nature of reality. What we want will be. There can be no body rise with the mind locking into present reality and belief systems. Let go and allow. Belief systems have to be one of the most fundamental issues holding people in place. I have spent more time unlearning than anything else.

Next is the body ascension. The first step is to rise body vibration. I focused on body vibration in a previous post so feel free to review that one for more details. Rising vibration of the body then rises us up a number of octaves in the 3rd dimension to offer faster and more abundant ascension opportunities. Once the vibration of the body is higher, then manifestation is much more clear and stable. If you manifest from instability, then all you will receive in your reality will be more instability. Manifesting from universal abundance in the same fashion will manifest more universal abundance. As spirit is able to express more clearly, then joy manifests for this is the purest emotion available. What better joy than to have in your reality a pure mirror of you all around you?

Now that mind, body and spirit are working more in harmony, interesting things start to occur. In my body harmonization service I guide this process as we are working with your body. Most people look at life as this physical form looking up. What if you were above looking down instead? Eventually in ascension there is this moment when there is this expansion and then I was all of a sudden aware of a must larger reality and this physical form being just a small part of it. I was still in my body so this is nothing to do with astral projection. Just the awareness that the flow is outside the body coming in. One of my fundamental issues was letting go of body impulses and being totally in spirit.

Eventually, there is this magic when spirit all of a sudden is comfortable in the body. The ascension process is work and effort just like anything else worthwhile. Once the body starts to lighten and the mind is open to the focus of spirit expression then there is the invitation of immortality for life itself has been embraced. Depending on your path, I also assist in the resolution of last lives, karma, spirit attachment/possession, spells/curses, trauma and so much more. What occurs in the 3rd dimension must be resolved in the 3rd dimension so you will have to incarnate again if certain things are left unresolved.

The body is ultimately an instrument of us and an expression of spirit. If all of what we are is in tune, then the orchestra sings a beautiful song that starts to open doors to even higher awareness and well being and dare I say ecstatic joy.

I hope that this expression has benefitted you in some way. If you have any questions or ah-has, feel free to comment here.

May your day be blessed in Life.