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Ego Challenge For Protection

Many blessings. Please be warned that I may trigger you as you read this. I hope this assists you in some way. As ego is challenged it rears up to protect itself for it only wants the status quo or comfort zone. In abuse situations, this side

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Ascension Guide

Many blessings. In my body harmonization service I work allot with ascension. There are many ideas what ascension is on this planet is so I thought I would share from my viewpoint. The mechanics of ascension are a rise within whatever duration of time and effort and

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Body Vibration

Many blessings.  In my body harmonization service I always talk of body vibration and the alignment of all the body is.  What I wanted to do today is talk more deeply on body vibration and how come this is so vital to well being. Our bodies reside

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BC Hydro cuts power to private school to force a microwave emitting device called a smart meter installation on children

BC Hydro just forced a smart meter on children in private school in Langley BC, Canada by cutting power.  Businesses in the province have even less rights than individuals as far as BC Hydro is concerned.  Fortunately the justice system believes different and allowed businesses to join

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