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About Us

New technologies are introduced every day without regard for the well being of sentient beings and the planet.  This results in an experience that can be frustrating and possibly harmful.

Creative Harmonic Solutions’ intent is to create solutions to manifest harmony between technology and biological beings.  Our unique solutions assist the beings we interact with to manifest their reality.  This goal is reached by mutual respect and empowerment, guided by shared interests and commitment.

We value your interaction.  To interact with us, please email or use our contact form.


Message from Bob the “Well Being Coach”:  My personal background is software development for technology to achieve business goals and interact effectively with the people that need to operate software.  Too often, I have seen technology introduced that does not interact effectively with people or technology that actually harms the biological being.  I have removed Wi-Fi and cordless phones from my work space and home and limited my exposure to my cell phone.  I can only speak from my viewpoint and say that I would rather have the small inconvenience of a wired cord than risk my personal health with technology that harms me and others I am with (second-hand smog).