Located in the sunny Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada, Creative Harmonic Solutions’ intent to assist you to manifest harmony in your reality.  Our unique solutions assist the beings we interact with to manifest their reality.  Manifesting harmony in the human body is absolute joy.

Message from Bob the “Success Coach“:  As we look within for truth, clarity manifests ascending us to the next plateau.  For some this is education to ascend knowledge.  For others this means to ascend wellbeing and body vibration.  All our solutions fit into any lifestyle and belief system.  I am here to assist you in whatever you need in this moment without judgment.  My personal joy is from witnessing someone achieve something that was perhaps only imagined before.  Many blessings.

We value your interaction.  We find that the best way for people to start to interact with is through this form or email.  We are in session allot with people so we can schedule a phone call if phone is required.  I can work with you anywhere on the planet and for my body harmonization service I just need your picture.  Please note that we cannot treat nor diagnose and offer harmonization services to allow the body to do what it does best naturally manifesting well-being.  We also can never guarantee results.  Contact us now to offer harmony to all that you are.  We also value ascension of knowledge so feel free to ask a question.   

I look forward to interacting with you and honour your success and ascension!  Our only focus is your well-being and all interactions are strictly confidential.


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