Bring Your Body Into Harmony With You

Harmonic Technologies – Sound Chamber

Geometrically accurate connects directly with Planetary Grid

The Sound Chamber unleashes the power to heal through sound and ancient geometry and is constructed out of thick safe metal.

The chamber‘s truncated dodecahedron shape links with the Earth’s main energy grid. Sound produced within the chamber heals, relaxes, and creates. Specific tone and cadence produces an environment stimulating alpha and theta brain wave activity.

Each brain wave links to specific chemical production building dynamic light fields within cellular structure.

The chamber layers auric fields with harmonic light. It opens the chakra system to nourish nadis and neural pathways.

It stimulates secretion of pleasure hormones: melatonin, serotonin and endorphins. It relieves tension and creates “Rhombic Inversions”.

Sound Enhancement Technology:

  • Sound Harmonization
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Harmonized Structures
  • Resonance Entrainment
  • Particle Wave Stability
  • Studio Production
  • Sound Lab

Aura Picture before harmonization

Aura Picture before harmonization

Aura Picture after harmonization

Aura Picture after harmonization


Click here for our contact form to begin an interaction to purchase with us on this revolutionary product that costs only $22,000. Price includes shipping to North America and all parts to assemble.  Speakers and stereo is something you can your self for an even deeper experience.

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Authorized Representative

Authorized Representative


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