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Pictured Solutions

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Below are the more popular solutions available for protection of your home or business.  We value your interaction so click here to order or just ask us a question.   Our intent is to create a harmonic balance between humanity and technology.  You can also check out our “what we do” page.

Technology safety

Magnetic Shielding blocks fields produced by the flow of electrical current.  Magnetic fields are produced when alternating current is converted to direct current like in a smart meter.  Finally a product that blocks magnetic fields flexible enough to fit into your environment!

Subtle Energy
Are you interested in Body Harmonization and allowing anything less than well being to fall away? All we need is your picture and we can work with you anywhere on the planet. Upliftment after our service can include: More energy for daily tasks, waking up rested, body self-repair and general increased wellbeing. Click here for information
Lumina 11:11
When an injury occurs, the body’s natural repair can be accelerated using Symbiotic Light Interfacing Technology called the Lumina 11:11. By interweaving accurate geometry, light and sound, many body benefits are achieved including Stimulates collagen production for tissue repair, Releases body’s natural painkillers, Accelerates the lymphatic system, reducing swelling, Increases DNA/RNA synthesis to damaged cells, Stimulates seratonin, Boosts white blood cells, Trauma removal. Click here for information
Sound Chamber Bed
The Sound Chamber bed unleashes the power to heal through sound and ancient geometry. The chamber‘s truncated dodecahedron shape links with the Earth’s main energy grid. Sound produced within the chamber heals, relaxes, and creates. Specific tone and cadence produces an environment stimulating alpha and theta brain wave activity. Click here for information
Offering solutions to reduce the risk of radio frequency radiation,Okanagan,BC,harmonize your dweling,computer network
Power outlet network adapters allow you the freedom of a wireless computer or tablet without the risk of radio frequency radiation. Just plug one into a wall outlet by your network router and you are free to plug your computer or tablet in almost anywhere in your home or business where there is a wall outlet. If you do not have a network connector on your laptop or tablet, we can also provide an USB adapter that will still allow this solution.
Radio Frequency power cord shield;electrical harmony
Shielded power cord replacement with a shielded cord will virtually eliminate the electrical interference being generated. If you have allot of electrical cords, this solution is a great candidate to relax your cellular body.
Radio Frequency RF window tint;radio frequency harmony,fits into any decorating imagination
Window tint installation with either a silver tint or clear will virtually block the radio frequency coming through the windows. Another option is to install the radio frequency radiation fabric as curtains (see below). If your curtains are always open, then the covering on the window glass itself is the best way to go.  An added benefit of the silver tint is the heat of the day will be reflected out and this tint is very private.
Radio Frequency RF window curtain covering,radio frequency fabric,harmony in any room
Window curtains installation with radio frequency radiation fabric will virtually block the radio frequency coming through the windows. If your curtains are always closed, then having curtains over the window is an option.  You can install the fabric as the whole curtain or as a liner behind a curtain fabric.  All our solutions fit into any decorating imagination.  Another option is to install the radio frequency radiation covering on the window itself (see above) as tint or clear.
Radio Frequency Radiation Safety
There are many Radio Frequency fabrics to choose from that block the radio frequency radiation.  Fabrics are crisscrossed with Silver and Copper usually but can be other combinations to ensure the radiation is bounced off instead of penetrating keeping what is covered safe.  Usually you want to have something between this and your skin (air space or a non-GMO cotton) because the metals hold the body heat in.
RF Shielding Paint ? Yshield - HSF54 ? Interior House Application-Ceiling And Walls
Radio Frequency paint is applied just like any other type of paint you are used to where you can prime and paint over in the desired colour.   The wall or object that you paint will not look any different after application but will block most of the radio frequency radiation.  Painting the roof is not always required but is usually necessary in an apartment or condo where there may be a cell tower on the roof or someone using Wi-Fi or other form of radiation above you (second-hand smog).
Radio Frequency Radiation shielding foil
Radio Frequency foil is recommended within the walls during construction or renovations. If you do not have access to the construction of the wall, then the Radio Frequency paint or fabric is a better solution.  Foil is great to wrap around the wireless water meter or for us in the garage on the wall where the sight of the foil is not an issue.
Radio Frequency bed canopy
A Radio Frequency bed canopy is the same as the fabric except it is 100% made for the standard size bed that you may have.  All the fixings are included to hang this from the ceiling above your bed to keep you safe from Radio Frequency radiation as you sleep.  This solution is great when you just want to protect your bed and you do not need to protect your whole bedroom.
Dirty Electricity Filter;electrical cage harmony
Dirty electricity filters insert into a standard North American wall outlet and you typically need a couple of these in the kitchen and at least one per circuit in your house where you spend the most time.  The number of filters that you need per circuit differs from house to house and we recommend that you get a professional like us with a Dirty Electricity meter to ensure you have installed what you need in your home or business.  After installation, the Dirty Electricity interference is GREATLY reduced.
We have many meters for home or professional measurement to fit into any budget
Measurement meters for Home or Professional use are great for that mind that wants to do everything themselves. We will guide you through what you want to measure and the best meter for the job saving you time and money experimenting on your own. We only offer what we would feel comfortable using ourselves when measuring people’s home or business.
A custom solution for you may be any combination of these solutions.

To book an appointment now for us to evaluate your home or business or to inquire or purchase any of the above,  click here and fill out our contact form or contact us.