An electromagnetic field cannot be blocked but it can be diverted.  The easiest prevention is to avoid the area completely or minimize your exposure time.  Studies have shown that short controlled exposure can be safe but long term exposure is dangerous.  If you cannot avoid the area or cannot limit your exposure time, then material such as MuMetal or steel may divert enough of the flux lines to allow a safer environment.

Radio Frequency can be blocked to such a degree to declare the area safe.  RF Shielding paint (grounded) is great at blocking any RF transmission source.  If paint is not the best for your environment, then RF shielding foil, window tint or fabric are also options available.  The highest priority is to protect your sleeping area so your body self-repairs.

Dirty Electricity can be reduced to a comfortable level using filters that plug into your standard wall outlet at home or at work.  They can easily move around with you to ensure where you go, the room feels comfortable.

Click here to view our gallery of solutions for more information.  We have a feeling that you will visualize this easily in your home or business.  Our protection solutions fit into your decorating style and the only thing people will notice is they will will feel relaxed.  Do you have an environment that requires your guests to be relaxed?

This video demonstrates a couple of Radio Frequency source greatly reduced with the use of RF fabric:

This video demonstrates the Dirty Electricity being harmonized:

To ensure your sleeping area is safe, you can hire a professional to check ensure your sleep is not affected.  If you are within a mile of a cell phone tower or Smart Metre, you may be affected.  The first steps to protect yourself before hiring a professional to check your work or sleep area are as follows:

  • Remove that Bluetooth remote from your head.  Not only have studies shown that this is a major risk for cancer or brain tumours but you may experience hyperactivity and headaches.  Please refer to the Symptoms area of our web site.  Use a wired headset instead.
  • Keep your cell phone at least ¼ of an inch away from your head or use a wired headset and do not have within 6 feet of your head when sleeping.  Not only have studies shown that this is a major risk for cancer or brain tumours but you may experience hyperactivity, lack of sleep and headaches.  Please refer to the Symptoms area of our web site.  Use a wired headset and move that cell phone away from your head.
  • If you can, wire your computer with a network cable and turn off your Wi-Fi.  If you need to use Wi-Fi, limit your exposure time.  Especially turn this off before you are heading to bed.  Your Pineal gland in your body will be delayed in producing melatonin by hours if you are using Wi-Fi in your bed before sleep.
  • Use a corded phone and eliminate your wireless phone.  Experiences vary but you should find that after a week, you will forgot you even had a wireless phone and get used to the cord.
  • Flip the breaker switch off when sleeping in your sleeping areas so you are not surrounded by the electrical cage.  Dirty Electricity is a disharmonic that is very agitating to the human body.  Please click here to learn more about dirty electricity.

Places where there are Children, less healthy people such as hospitals and old age homes are even more affected and their areas should be treated like a sleeping area.  Children are not “little adults” due to their actively developing bodies.  As the smoking industry coined the phrase “second-hand smoke”, there is the phrase “second-hand smog” to bring into focus that our decisions to use wireless and electromagnetic technology also affects others.

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