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Body Harmonization Service

Everyone’s body is unique and has had a different experience.  When a stressor such as a chemical poison enters the body, this can manifest different external symptoms.  The service that we offer finds the exact stressor and the organ, gland or system that the stressor is affecting by testing how alive the stressor is.  We harmonize the stressor from the body organ, gland or system allowing the body to upkeep itself. Upliftment after our service can include: More energy for daily tasks, waking up rested, body self-repair and general increased wellbeing.

Do you have chronic pain, allergies, dis-ease that no one seems to be able to assist you or have had limited success? Are you tired of being told that there is nothing that can be done? What about a secret that you have never told anyone about because you have no idea what it would mean?

We work within the subtle energy of creation before matter manifests.  Click here on how creation works.  The difference between stressors of a parasite and a heavy metal is measured in the difference of frequency vibration.  We tune into what we want to measure and harmonize specific to your body.  In creation there is only well-being and stressors infiltrate to create dis-ease.  We harmonize the stressors allowing the body to return to its original perfect state of well-being.

We look for many types of stressors such as flukes at once.  Only the ones affecting you are harmonized.  We look for many different types of mould at one time and only harmonize the ones affecting you.  We literally check thousands of frequencies at once.

Did you know that when the immune system can no longer handle a stressor, it switches the polarity so the immune system NEVER looks at this stressor again?  No matter how healthy you are, the stressor will never again be looked at by the immune system.  We harmonize switched polarity so a stressor is now managed by the immune system.  We also harmonize locked in stressors  so the immune system can target and manage stressors.

After harmonization, we also infuse with minerals, vitamins and vitality.  Only the mineral or vitamin needed and the exact amount will be offered to the body.  There is no risk in our service of too much of a mineral or vitamin.  Another additional service we provide at no extra charge is to re-introduce the new uplifted gland, organ or system to the immune system.  When we complete, your body has been energized and uplifted in vibration.  As the body rises in vibration in the 3rd dimension, certain diseases cannot even attach to the body.  This allows a permanent change.

Contact us to book a session or for more information.  We will then provide you with instructions and more information for the next steps.  Please note that we cannot treat nor diagnose and offer a harmonization service to allow the body to do what it does best naturally manifesting well-being.  We just need your picture and we can work with you anywhere anytime on the planet and work harmoniously with anything else you may already be doing.  The whole process takes around 4-5 days and you never have to change your routine. I just work with you as you go about your day.

Body harmonization with a worksheet report can be as low as $777 for people that have a great base body vibration already.  We also have another body harmonization package called the Harmonic Miracle Attunement if you just need something to assist to get over a hump like a surgery recovery, general whole body attunement or just to get you through whatever is needed in that moment to upraise your body vibration.    We can assist you to select the harmonization package that is in alignment with you so just contact us.

If you feel that you are in great base body vibration already then click on the Buy Now button below to receive this blessing for only $777:

BASE SERVICE*** ONLY $477 If you feel that you are in great base body vibration already and have no interest in a report or worksheet then click on the Buy Now button below to receive this base blessing.  If you have any questions or need any explanation, just contact us and we will be happy to interact with you.

Live blood analysis with Darkfield Microscopy:

We use the EQ 11:11 for our subtle energy instrument of choice that we also are an authorized dealer for.  Click here for more information on this revolutionary instrument.

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