Electricity vibrates at 50 or 60Hz depending on where you are on planet Earth.  Some electrical providers have power that is a constant vibration and strength and others have power that is already starting a variance as it enters your home or work environment.  Visualize yourself at a concert and one of the instruments is playing at a different pitch or small vibration from another.  Listen to that disharmonic sound.  Some say that this is the equivalent to nails scraping on a blackboard.  Now take this disharmonic and apply to your house or working area.  If there are any variances in the power, this disharmonic is in the walls all around you.

Look at the wall outlets, the lighting and the wall switches and connect them together by placing painters tape on the wall.  Stand back and look at the cage that you just created and visualize the wires in the walls where the tape is.  If you have a disharmonic in the wiring within your home or workspace, you are being hit by this disharmonic all around you.

This video demonstrates a dirty electricity test and the application of a simple filter:

When something touches your skin that feels uncomfortable, you will automatically recoil and remove that area of your body away from the disturbance.  When the cells of your body are being exposed to a disharmonic in the wires of your home or workspace, they recoil as well but most of our brains are not aware of the discomfort.  Our cellular body is 100% aware of the discomfort and may manifest as a bad sleep or we gradually get run down without getting deep enough sleep for the body to self-repair.


By plugging in a simple wall filter, the disharmonic is eliminated or reduced enough for the cellular body to be comfortable.  With our cellular body relaxed, our body will self-repair and we will awake refreshed and ready for the day.  Crawling out of bed feeling like we did not sleep is a sign of something wrong.

This video demonstrates the solution for Dirty Electricity:


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