New technologies are introduced every day without regard for the well being of sentient beings and the planet.  This results in an experience that can be frustrating and possibly harmful.

Located in the sunny Okanagan, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada, Creative Harmonic Solutions’ intent is to create solutions to manifest harmony.  Our unique solutions assist the beings we interact with to manifest their reality.  This goal is reached by mutual respect and empowerment, guided by shared interests and commitment.  Manifesting harmony in the human body is absolute joy.

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Message from Bob the “Ascension Guide“:  As we look within for truth, clarity manifests ascending us to the next plateau.  For some this is education to ascend knowledge.  For others this means to ascend wellbeing and body vibration.  All our solutions fit into any lifestyle and belief system.  I am here to assist you in whatever you need in this moment without judgement.  My personal joy is from witnessing someone achieve something that was perhaps only imagined before.  Many blessings.