Our revolutionary water and house service analyses and treats more for your money than any other service on the planet.  Water treatments today only test a small number of the metrics and after this is tested, then you can pay much more for actual treatment.  Our full custom tailored solution (water and house) including treatment is a fraction of the cost for the package which includes what we need to send to you for installation.  This treats your whole home and much more than just one part or one water faucet.  

Allot of today’s water filters are carbon based which only filters out a small number of toxins.  Other water filters filter out more toxins but are already at capacity in a very short timeframe.  Once at capacity, then the toxins that are being filtered are concentrated and now being added to your water supply rather than being removed.  Some filters are already returning toxins to your water hours or days after being installed.

Water and House Treatment Only $775

When you order this amazing service we include the shipping to you after harmonization and installation is as easy as tape on a copper pipe and electrical box. No tools required and all we need is a picture of your house which we will contact you after you order to receive.

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For livestock, we have updated the water used at the water supply and after installation, the animals rush to the site to drink.  With our soil tailored service for farmland, we have improved uniform crop growth.

We work within the subtle energy of creation before matter manifests.  The difference between stressors of a parasite and a heavy metal is measured in the difference of frequency vibration.  We tune into what we want to measure and harmonize.  In creation there is only well-being and stressors infiltrates to create dis-ease.  We harmonize the stressors allowing the matter being worked with to return to its original perfect state.

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We look for many types of stressors such as flukes at once. Only the ones affecting your water are harmonized. We look for many different types of mould at one time and only harmonize the ones affecting your water. We literally check thousands of frequencies at once.

When we complete, the house and water are increasing your energy and vitality. People have told us that taking a shower and drinking the water after treatment makes them feel energized. A room they felt uncomfortable in feels great.

The water harmonizer easily installs on the copper pipe where the water enters your hot water tank. If the tank is not accessible, any pipe that has constant flow of water will work. The house harmonizer easily installs on the copper ground wire of your electrical box. If this is not accessible, then this can be taped on to the electrical box around the main breaker or fuse to your home from the electrical grid. There are many options for installation and these are just the most common installations.