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Welcome!  Creative Harmonic Solutions started in 2010 with a body harmonization service for humans and animals. Rising the vibration of our bodies materializing a more joy filled life in pure peace perhaps achieving what you only imagined before.  Then we started to add specialty ideas for those of us that wanted to bring more abundance in their lives or perhaps nurture your external relationship with that special someone.  Our goal is to assist you in whatever you wish to bring into your life without any judgment as rapidly as you allow.  

What We Do

Body Harmonization

Are you interested in Body harmonization and allowing anything less than feeling well to fall away? All we need is your picture and we can work with you anywhere on the planet. No physical contact is required. Upliftment after our service can include: More energy for daily tasks, waking up rested, body self-repair and general increased wellbeing.  Transcend your body into pure harmony.  Click here for more information.

Spirit Attachment Possession Harmonization

Entities can be stopped from attacking you in dreams or when awake and we can help to boost your physical and spiritual strength to be able to withstand and negative or attacks. When a spirit attaches to you, you can absorb all they are and whatever ailment they had when they transitioned.  Some can attach into your brain or kidneys or any other organ.  Family members that have passed away can also attach to you and never move on in peace causing you both issues.  Click here for more information.

Quantum Harmonizations

This amazing idea updates and purifies your body with multidimensional sound harmonic information.  Harmonizations include Happy Life Happy Home, Dark Forces Removal, Past Life Harmony, Neurological Template, Prana Excitation and Ascending Relationship.  Click here for more information.


Quanta Morph Cards

Quanta Morph cards are the size of a credit card and you carry with you like your good luck charm or favourite crystal to resonate the multidimensional information to you in 24/7 every day.  Includes Happy Life Happy Home, Dark Forces Removal and Past Life Harmony.  Click here for more information.

Water and House/Business Treatment

Are you interested in a revolutionary new way of treating and re-encoding your water and house for stressors like mold, chemicals, negative energies, radiation and toxins?  Imagine your the electrical system on your house upgraded and your water system so you are protected 24/7 all the time without the need to replace filters.  Click here for more information.

Harmonic Technologies

Are you interested in Harmonic Technologies that assist to remove toxins, infections and other stressors from the body? For as little as 15 minutes a day here is a LED Light Technology generated from sound harmonics to assist in manifesting vibrant wellbeing. Once you are there, feel free to click in at the bottom of the page for a guided tour of other Harmonic Technologies.   Click here for more information.

Environment Solutions

Are you electrosensitive (EHS) or suffer headaches, dizzy spells and confusion?  We also offer a variety of harmonic solutions to assist you and your body and the planet.  In our modern world we are getting bombarded by many technologies.   Click here for more information.

In An Emergency

Please ensure you call a medical professional to start.  Next we can offer assistance with your human loved one or pet including poisoning, stroke, broken bones, bleeding, general trauma.  Please click on the add to cart button in this section so we can start assisting right away.

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There are so many coaches and services for this and that on this planet.  How are you to decide what is really in alignment with you?  Perhaps something on this page allured you and you just need more information or want to talk to me more.  My name is Bob and I can be reached at info@creativeharmonicsolutions.com or fill out the contact form below and submit and we can talk more in depth.





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