In the sea of information in the world, it can be rather daunting to know what is safe and what is not.  Is what someone telling you real information or something promoting an agenda?  At Creative Harmonic Solutions, our intent is to inform and allow you to make your own brilliant decisions.  Click to find out more about biased science.

Our body harmonization service assists you to allow anything less than well being to fall away from you. This can allow the body vibration to rise warding off allot of types of stressors like flu, colds and other viruses. How sick a person gets is based on how low the vibration of the body is and how stressed the immune system is. Upliftment after our service can include: More energy for daily tasks, waking up rested, body self-repair and general increased wellbeing.

Our Water and House Treatment service tests your water and your home for moulds, viruses, energies, Gamma Rays and allot of other stressors. We then install on your water pipe and electrical box so anything found is treated and harmonized. Filters can be useless after seconds of use so our water solution never touches the water and our house solution installs in the electrical field.

We use our professional tools and expertise to evaluate your home or workspace and inform you of our findings for EHS, Radio Frequency, Electromagnetic and Dirty Electricity and offer suggestions for solutions.  Our customers always comment after we have completed our work that they feel so much more comfortable, refreshed and relaxed.

What we enjoy the most is empowering people to make sound decisions on their health and well-being.  We value your interaction so click here to contact us or just ask us a question.  Our intent is to create a harmonic balance between humanity and technology.  Our solutions are tuned to your specific needs and people like you feel much more at ease after our interaction.

Live blood analysis with Darkfield Microscopy with our body harmonization service:
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