Abundance Harmonization



When you desire abundance or change in your life there can be a number of factors that are holding you back or blocking you.  What I assist you with in this harmonization is a little workshop to visualize what abundance feels to you (manifestation of reality) and then we use this to then see what is blocking abundance, dissolve the blocks in Grace and then offer ascendant energies to accelerate what you want appear in your reality.  All we need is your picture and we can work with you anywhere on the planet. No physical contact is required.

Each harmonization is custom to you and the following are what we harmonize together:

  • Self Deceit
  • Fantasy
  • Persona
  • Self Sabotage
  • Negative energies, entities, spells, curses
  • Energies or forces locking you in place
  • Blocks to self
  • Inner Resistance

Then when we have completed this I offer the following to you:

  • Nurturing alignment and connection to yourself
  • Grace
  • Pure Trust
  • Divine union harmonic alignment with self
  • Stability and Pure Peace
  • Pure Love
  • Free

What better gift than being with yourself in absolute harmony?  I am with you every step of the way and the process takes 1-2 days depending on how long the first step takes for visualizing and feeling what abundance means to you.  Also included in this is a taste on how to manifest reality to receive what you desire.