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House Analysis Service

Everyone’s house or business is surrounded by an electrical field from all the wiring for electricity.  Every room is mostly surrounded by electrical wiring generating an electrical field surrounding the biological body.  There are many outside forces that infiltrate the home in the form of frequencies and other methods.

What update the information in the wiring so the frequencies are harmonized.  If someone in a radio station is having a bad day, this will manifest a projection that is present on the radio wave.  This then enters your home and can affect you.  When the information is harmonized while passing through your updated electrical field with our technology, you only receive well-being information.

Are you having a mold or other stressor issue in your home?  What is occurring is this stressor is gaining energy and has locked itself into your home.  When your electrical field for your home is updated with our technology, this will harmonize the stressor so it is like if it never existed.  In the case of black mold, you may still see the black stain but the mold smell and danger are harmonized.

Treatment for black mold and other stressors can cost you thousands of dollars and we analyse and treat your home and water for only $650.  Today’s treatment is rather time consuming and only targets the third dimension physical.  We work within the subtle energy before matter is manifested for a permanent economical solution.

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