The human body is an intelligent design and if left alone and if it has a high level of well-being, the body will self-repair.  Most life on this planet is carbon based which is a 6-sided geometric crystal called a hexagon.  Many of you have seen a bee hive and honeycomb which uses this shape due to its interlocking nature and its strength.  No other shape is required in the construction and the hexagon naturally interlocks into a very strong structure.

Carbon Atom

Carbon Atom

Bee Hexagon Use

Bee Hexagon Use

Our cellular body is a rather complex construction of organs and systems using this carbon geometric shape as the commonality.  When a microwave vibration device like a Smart metre or cell phone starts to vibrate the carbon atom, the structure begins to be compromised.  What occurs when you take a house made out of a deck of cards and start to shake the table?  A similar situation occurs at the cellular level where the cells start to vibrate and weakens the firm bond.  Now the once strong structure is weakened and the body must repair itself.  If you are constantly repairing something, you eventually start to get tired.  The same occurs at a cellular level and when the body gets tired, disease starts to enter the body.

A cellular body that is well nutritioned, rested and relaxed will self-repair much quicker than a cellular body that has any of these three components out of balance.  How can you sleep and be rested when your sleep environment is laced with stressors?  How can you concentrate when your work environment is laden with stressors and then you return home to communicate on a microwave vibration device like a cordless phone or Wi-Fi?

Once the stressors are greatly lessened or removed and the body is permitted to relax, the human body will self-repair without any assistance.  Supplements and drugs address the symptom rather than eliminating the root cause.  By addressing the root cause of the issue rather than chasing the symptom, the body is naturally healthy.

Cellular body self-repair acceleration can be achieved through a technology called Lumina 11:11.  Click here to find out more.

Our body harmonization service assists you to allow anything less than well being to fall away from you. This can allow the body vibration to rise warding off allot of types of stressors like flu, colds and other viruses. How sick a person gets is based on how low the vibration of the body is and how stressed the immune system is. Upliftment after our service can include: More energy for daily tasks, waking up rested, body self-repair and general increased wellbeing.

Our Water and House Treatment service tests your water and your home for moulds, viruses, energies, Gamma Rays and allot of other stressors. We then install on your water pipe and electrical box so anything found is treated and harmonized. Filters can be useless after seconds of use so our water solution never touches the water and our house solution installs in the electrical field.

Body harmonization with a worksheet report can be as low as $777 for people that have a great base body vibration already.

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