March 13, 2015 in Blog and Viewpoint

BC Hydro cuts power to private school to force a microwave emitting device called a smart meter installation on children

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BC Hydro just forced a smart meter on children in private school in Langley BC, Canada by cutting power.  Businesses in the province have even less rights than individuals as far as BC Hydro is concerned.  Fortunately the justice system believes different and allowed businesses to join the class action law suit on-going in BC.  If we still have a justice system, there will be a day of reckoning for BC Hydro.  The supreme court was returned to the people as the Kinder Morgan gas situation demonstrated so we have a great chance at justice.  What kind of society are we If we do not stand up for and protect the most vulnerable in society?  An attack on children is another notch lower for BC Hydro.

When Jessica McDonald was appointed CEO of BC Hydro I found this interesting that BC Hydro could not find anyone else to take the helm.  When you drill down Jessica was a part of the Gordon Campbell government as deputy minister to the Premier, cabinet secretary and head of public service.  BC Hydro is a public utility so having a government official at the head is nothing out of the ordinary but it was advertised that BC Hydro was looking for a private sector lead.  No one private will take the helm from the personal liability of the smart meters.  Insurance companies are now removing EMF and RF (main technology used with a Microwave radiation emitter like the Smart Meter and Wi-Fi) from damage liability which demonstrates that the private sector is backing away from this hot potato and HUGE financial liability.  Everything is about money today (our governments are corporations now) and the staggering law suits of the future from health damages from Microwave and Electromagnetic emitting technology certainly has gained the attention of the private sector.

The government of Canada sells off the airwaves of frequency ranges literally printing money out of thin air so there will never be leadership at this level.  Health Canada will continue to say wireless technology is safe until they change what they are protecting.  The mass media is controlled by the corporations so the only way to distribute real information is to conduct your own research or go to your local public meetings.  Information from the corporations will always be in their best interests since they are all about profit and they should be.  Governments are supposed to rein this in so the people’s interests are also taken into account.  There are companies that are very responsible and take into account the people’s health and well being on their own and I tip my hat to you and I thank you.  There are however companies that are very ruthless and care nothing about anyone but the bottom line of the money they can make.  The latest vaccination fraud by the Merck mumps vaccination is an example of this. My thanks to the virologists that took responsibility and stepped forward.  In allowing the company you work for to break the law or in looking the other way, you are personally responsible and the only alternative is to report this or document this so you can avoid prosecution.

When you look at an international level, there is the WHO (World Health Organization) that changed wireless emissions to a class 2B possible carcinogen.  What this means is that wireless technology based on microwave emissions possibly cause cancer.  They even printed in black and white that a precautionary approach should be used with this technology.  What is causing the provincial government and local city governments to sit on their hands?  Shouldn’t our local city governments be acting on our behalf and putting pressure on the province?  What is causing the principals of our schools to look the other way instead of taking this precautionary approach in protecting the young developing brains, nervous and immune systems of our children?  I went to my Son’s school with scientific evidence and results from my own professional meter readings and was told from the principal that Wi-Fi was safe.  When I asked what tests and methodology were used to determine this, there was no response.   I have found that this is rather standard with beings that either do not know and are just following who they feel they trust or know what they are doing and are trying to push an agenda.

All information must be traced to origin (usually by tracing the money) to discover the true intent and ask the question “is this real non-biased information where I am free to make a decision based on this or is the information only pushing an agenda and can be ignored?”.  My professional background is technology so saying that wireless technology causes cancer is not easy to say.  This however is the truth based on scientific evidence I have reviewed or heard from presentations by people that have the appropriate background for the material presented.  The industry only provides biased evidence or cannot back up what they are saying.  More and more scientific evidence keeps appearing including unclassified military documents that proves this technology is deadly.  When we question the technology we are told to prove that it is unsafe when the corporations are the ones introducing the technology so it is really them that should prove that it is safe.  Since when did the tables get turned on this?  GMO (genetically modified organisms) is a prime example of this where a multi-generational study needed to be conducted before we can be told this technology is safe.  How did industry get this technology out into the world without proving it is safe first?

Serving these people in the corporations and government with paper stating personal liability is essential.  This way the old methodology of rotating the person out of that position no longer functions and that individual is personally responsible for their actions.  As soon as these people are served, they resign almost immediately.  Once the legal declaration has been served, the persona can no longer pretend that something no longer exists.  If the individual continues after the paper has been served then he or she is personally responsible from that point on.  Even RCMP officers have been served paper stating that they are personally responsible if they break the law.  No longer is there an excuse that “I was just following orders”.  This paper may not be given to new recruits so it is our duty to remind any police that they have been served if they break any laws.  They may not understand that they can be arrested themselves if they break the law the same as anyone else.  Under true international law, we are all the same no matter what position we hold in society.

The paradigm shift is under way now where beings need to choose to stay complacent and continue to participate or ask intelligent questions and act.  Choosing not to act is still a choice.  When I was ignorant about wireless health effects, I conducted research and found out this technology is very dangerous and organizations are manipulating us to push out this technology rapidly.  Ignorance is no excuse and I also hold myself to task on this.  All the government Acts that can be changed without public consent are being changed to allow the corporations to do whatever they want.  The changes at the BC Utilities commission are a prime example of this manipulation to push the smart meter agenda.  There no longer is any public oversight of the corporations.  The government continues to ignore that Smart Meters cause fires is another example of the push of an agenda.  Our government is now in a criminal negligence arena and may continue pushing forward whatever the cost now since to slow down and to admit to anything may invoke criminal charges.

I look forward to the moment when I see and feel true free equality in our societal presence on this planet with the only agenda being each others well being and truly take our place in the galactic arena. A societal presence of a planet is known by the combined vibration that is resonated by all life on that planet.  How we treat others a reflection of what we are.