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Subtle Energy and Dis-ease

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Many blessings. In my service, I work allot with subtle energy and the nature of dis-ease.

As we are flowing through conception, we have our first opportunity to experience the first negative energies. Once we experience that first negative energy after conception, this creates a shell around us that can attract more negative energies. By negative energies, I mean spells, curses, projections of any type, entity attachment and possession and general negative energies. If our mother has a bad day or our parents have a fight, this is yet another negative energy to add to us in the womb. In the last trimester we are starting to look outside the womb and really understand the environment we are going to be born into. We can pick up even more negative energies at this time by opening up interest into the outside world. Eventually, enough negative energies are accumulated that our first stressor is attracted to us inside or outside the womb. Let’s say the first stressor attracted is chemical poisons. Now this is within our body and now can be locked in by more negative energies or external frequencies. This is all assuming that the mother has a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and breast feeding and using distilled or boiled water for whatever a baby needs.

Life continues for us and we add more and more stressors to our body and even more negative energies. Once this gets to critical mass, what is called dis-ease can develop. Even the most healthy lifestyle will have many layers of energies, frequencies and stressors. I worked with a yoga instructor that only ate organic clean food and has a very healthy lifestyle and he still only registered as no access energy. I use a subtle energy instrument in my service so I have a specific scientific reading on where you are at on the scale.

If the immune system gets stressed out then it will reverse the polarity on a stressor and ignore that for the remainder of your life. In order for your body to work correctly with that stressor, it must have its polarity switched again or you will need to manage or live with it. This is why things can go dormant to return full force again.

We can talk about cool fascinating subtle energy now that we have a foundation in the basics on how dis-ease and stressors infiltrate the body. Everything starts in the energy world and then manifests into physical reality. I work in this world where I add consciousness or the idea to energy to manifest reality. With people, I am cocreating your wellbeing with you from this world in my service. This is where we bridge from terrestrial science into metaphysics. My subtle energy instrument I work with (I have also posted a picture of this for you to see this) is only part of the equation. I am also a facilitator of our session together. We are working with the energy of the stressor as it is manifesting into reality to release its lock into the body. I am also focused on the origin of the stressor or the idea of it at the start of the flow.

So a common question is how do we release a hold of the stressor to manifest well being? The science part of this is that I match the intensity of the stressor in that particular body part and then release the shell or hold/lock by matching vibration resonance. The art and further mastery is us working together to manifest reality as well being. I resonate the vibration of creation origin and as such can assist you in rising your vibration as far as you allow. Let’s create! What better creation than your well being in your gift to you?

My body harmonization packages are as low as $477 and we can choose what works for you when we chat. I have a deluxe package that I also offer that is a full body workup, a written worksheet of where we started and dedicated sessions to guide you further to implement your new state of being. There is something for everyone. As a unique being I offer uniqueness for you.

Many blessings of eternal life.


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