November 15, 2017 in News

Quanta Morph

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Many blessings. I am pleased to announce a wonderful new multidimensional product called Quanta Morph.  This is a card the size, shape and durability of a credit card that resonates harmonization and protection as appropriate.

One card is for dark forces removal and protection. Have you had enough of the negative agenda affecting your daily life plans?  Feel like something is always working against you?  Negative projections and thoughts can be lessened just by holding the card.  Take the next step into higher realms now in this lifetime.

Another card is for past life harmonization to resolve all past lives.  The offer of the gift to clear past life karma, liberate from reincarnation cycles and mend past decisions that seem to merge into daily life.  Take the next step into higher realms now in this lifetime.

The other card is for a happy home and happy life.  The happy home card also assists to harmonize radio frequency wireless radiation.  Essential life nurturing information emanates constantly from our organic surroundings.  Take the next step into higher realms now in this lifetime.

These cards are connected via language of geometry to a backend system that is sending out life harmonization 24/7 every day all the time.  Imagine this with you all the time everywhere you go constantly working for you as you go about your daily life.

Click here to visit the web site for ordering and more information!  These are only $100 each and are designed to last a life time with a custom encoded number just for you.  If you purchase as a gift for someone else just ensure you let us know their name (we use the shipping name provided) so we can encode the card to them.

Many blessings of life.