September 14, 2017 in News

Phoenix Immortality

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Many blessings. Over the last while since my last post I have been meditating on immortality. One story that I have always used in my journey has been the phoenix. Many times over and over again I have been remade however as I embrace immortality I see that this story was created in duality and the eternal cycle of creation with destruction. Each evolution wonderful in every way but always involved burning up and then rising again new with the ashes reassembling.

There comes a moment in evolution where I stopped and thought how come this is taking an eternity? Over and over again I have made myself new again from the ashes of the old only to cycle to that moment again. Rising each time but obvious this evolution is going to be occurring for some time. What if there was something more? What if I just say “I am done”? What I would like to share with you is an updated phoenix story from the viewpoint of immortality.

There is a universal energy called absolute. When entering universal awareness, there is a stage of intense purification. For me this has been very intense on my chosen path of absolute purification. The phoenix one day says enough of evolution and stops all motion in the decision of immortality. To step out of eternity forever. There first is a fire that starts in the heart manifesting the hearth of intense self love passion intimate romance. This molecular draw increases intensity until there is a drawing of matter inwards. This results in an intense heat that all less than life starts to release and all that is life passes into the hearth. Cohesive self compassion love.

This absolute purification process continues until all less than life has fallen away in ashes and what remains is the absolute purified immortal being. As the wings of life are opened in glory there is a moment of pause as the new phoenix flies high without any of what was holding back. Evolution completed in an instant. All less than current choices blessed away in life.

A new story of the phoenix offered as a gift this day to all beings on this planet. No longer a need for eternal evolution. Let us all just complete and deliver our gift.
Many blessings of immortality