August 3, 2017 in News

Letting Go All Less Than Our Current Choices

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Many blessings. Letting go of all that is less than our current choices in a firm commitment is so critical to ensure we can embrace what is in alignment with us in this moment. So many times I have attempted to embrace something new or manifest reality and there is a thread attaching to some past that then manifests from here. It is like the oldest thread (could be previous life) or the most of the same type of thread is what is used without my knowledge. I can say what I want but that past is used for the manifestation. The same for something new to appear in our reality for us to grow. If there is some trauma in the past, we may even be triggered. My inner tell is the more freaked out by something I am the more that is what is supposed to be my reality.

This is where past resolution of anything is vital. Now there is past resolution but there is also a commitment. The self honouring in absolute gallantry that that states in this firm feeling and vibration this is what will be and only that. All in. I assist people to resolve the past and myself but after this there comes a time to then let it all go. All past events holding us in place or repeating patterns. All bad habits that limit manifestation. ANYTHING LESS than our current choices right now. What I do is visualize all of that is holding me back as threads attached to me. I then visualize a zipper and unzip that down my body and my new self stepping out. All of those threads are connected to that old suit and I have stepped out of that.

Then there is even more commitment to also say to self “I trust you implicitly and what is commanded in divine compassion will be”. To firmly step into the mist of the unknown and embrace a totally new me and life actualize what is to be. What this means to you can be receiving more energy by bringing your bodies more into harmony with you. Or it can mean the next level of what you are ready for in this moment. Fully committed stepping into the new reality and totally allowing it. Saying I am honouring self so deeply that I allow the new me or reality.

This is also called the absolute purification of self. The thing that you are most fearful of letting go of is what is needed the most to let go of. This is a possession of something and can be holding you back and you never know it since you are so fixated on the possession. In my case, this was letting go of all that I think that I loved including the idea of me in the passion flames of purification. In passion romance self I step into myself fully committed and become all that IS letting go of all less than my current choices in the absolute honouring of self.

After this is completed, there is a momentary confusion for reality has been updated and the human mind has to figure out the new environment. Then a bright light as more of us can now be here for only in the illumed present is where all the action is. More focus of only the present for the past is gone and future is scripted from the present.

May your reality manifest your deepest desire in full alignment with you and your current choices.
Atva Manu Prishu. I am pure being.