July 28, 2017 in News

Triggers In Life

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Many blessings.  As we run into a trigger in life there are a number of reactions that can occur depending on what moment you are brought back to.  If the situation is perceived to be large enough, then ego will kick in to protect at all costs.  In severe situations, I have seen people I assist hurt themselves by creating a fantasy and then tricking themselves to think that is real to avoid.  Ego will protect that fantasy even if it means hurting and dishonouring self.

One of the largest triggers we can have is to open our inner venerable especially if there was any sort of abuse in life.  On my front, I was relentlessly bullied even by past “friends” when I was going through school where I would wake up in anxiety every morning on what would occur that day.  On my ascension path, there must be a union between mind and emotion so my heart has had to go through allot of opening.  When I go through a heart opening, I first feel prickles on the surface of my skin and my heart will start to vibrate.  I then will receive a number of deep emotions and then this is when I get into trigger territory.

When we get into a trigger, there is a decision to deal with it once and for all or decide to avoid.  Avoid has many faces and all feel like a great idea but truth is truth.  Avoid is avoiding.  On my path, there is only absolute absolution so I always choose to deal with it.  First I trace to what the real situation is since the initial trigger is just a door.  Then I see this for what it really is from the present.  Be careful for the trigger will want to pull you into the past and then there is a slim chance of resolution.  You must remain observer in the present.  Then I resolve the situation.  There is no one size fits all on resolution except that you must follow the emotions wherever they lead in pure trust.

Triggers are an opportunity to grow and in some cases I have assisted people with stop the inner torture possibly even self inflicted.  After a trigger is resolved I fill with myself with my molten light for there is now an open space.  You see a trigger is a door flap and when opened a whole beautiful cavern is opened up and needs to be filled with ourselves.  Dealing with that door flap once and for all is such a beautiful inner feeling of triumph.

May your self-discovery and self-mastery be resolved in tranquilized beauty.  You can click here if you would like to find out more of my service.