Reality integration and the process of ascension in whatever ascension means to you is in the mind and emotion as much as it is in the physical body.  The mind locks us in place and the emotion can either lock us in the past or keep us from moving forward.  You can work as much as you want in the body and emotion but if the mind is out of harmony, then you may stay stuck.  The triad from our viewpoint is mind, emotion and body.

During the body harmonization process, there is a natural release of emotions, stressors and entities.  Many things can release from you during this part of the process including past lives, entities and trauma.  An event in this lifetime that occurred in this life or a previous one can result in repeating patterns and triggers where we are flung into the past.  Entities can attach to you that become your thoughts and your emotions to then ask the question on what thoughts and feelings are yours and what are the person that has transitioned that attached to you.  During our clinical hypnotherapy and body harmonization, we also assist in releasing entities from you.  To find out more about spirit attachments and possessions click here.

In clinical hypnotherapy what is done is to clean the part of the mind called the human psyche.  This is called the psychological process of ascension and absolute release of anything less than your current choices.  We have had a number of clients that have benefited from this process to release many things that are holding them back in life or are locking in a trauma.  Clinical hypnotherapy sessions are $100 per hour.  Hypnosis is just a relaxed state of mind and has many techniques and depths of a trance.  Allot of the time, I just have someone on the video on-line and we are in every day conversation.  When someone is ready for a release or cleanse of the psyche, they are ready.

During all of this is being a guide with your permission.  What has occurred a number of times is after body harmonization, is people have asked to continue to have sessions to assist in their integration what has been completed into day to day life.  What we do together is just have an everyday conversation on a regular basis what is occurring that you need to assist in either depossessing from you, releasing or integrating into your life.  Guide sessions are $100 per hour.

As Little as a One Hour Safe Session $100

Our session is over a video call, with a phone backup just in case of a connection loss.  You are totally safe and the intent is to assist you to integrate what we have completed together into your reality.

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Contact us for more information.  We offer a deluxe package that has all that we offer together from body harmonization through to a number of sessions for a guide.  Whatever you need in your personal journey we can assist you in reaching that new standing point of reality.  We offer permanence in all of our services but of course can never guarantee it.