October 11, 2017 in News

Spirit Attachment and Possession Harmonization

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Many blessings. As I have worked with people I am finding more and more that allot of issues originate from sprit attachment or even possession. This is when an entity attaches to you in some way, they become a part of you thoughts and feelings and even physical on what they may have died or transitioned from.
Symptoms of spirit attachment include depression, odd thoughts, feelings or desires and even voices in the head.
People have suggested to me that I offer a specific service outside of my body harmonization service to assist people to harmonize these entities from people. I assist the entity or entities away to peace so both the host and the entity that is attached are happy and content. For dark entities and forces I have tools to assist in this for you are the owner of your body and have absolute authority.
After entities are released, there is a quiet in the mind that can develop, a deep peace or even a greater sense of self. Everyone is individual and results vary but these are comments that I hear from people. I offer a free consultation to see if we are in alignment to work together and to offer education at the very least on what entity attachments are for deeper understanding. Contact me confidentially if you would like to interact with me.  My joy is your joy.