March 17, 2018 in News, Science

Quanta Morph Harmonizations

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With the new quanta morph harmonization being added now service choices, I figured I would chat a little on the difference between our body harmonization service.

Quanta uses sound harmonics for how it harmonizes and how your bodies are touched in purity. This technology is access to higher dimensions where there is no frequency and only the purity of vibration. Our body harmonization uses and participates in frequency which is anything below the 5th dimension. Sounds harmonics is what created the lower dimensions in the first place which is the power of Quanta Morph. The higher dimensions are brought down to you to access in 3D.

Quanta Morph is also different in that each card and harmonization that works with each card is focused specifically for that purpose. For example the dark forces removal is just for that specific purpose and only that. Each card and harmonization has the base of opening you more to access higher dimensions since that is what is needed for the function of each card. Our regular body harmonization is for depossession, also ascension and specific to a stressor that has infiltrated the body to allow the body to self repair.

When someone arrives in my reality for a body harmonization, then I eventually talk of Quanta Morph for adding a card to your daily life for 24/7 protection just adds more to assist in the day to day in this reality today. Where I would have someone in what I call auto scan in my instrument 24/7, now someone can have a card to work with them 24/7 and my instrument is free to work with someone else.

This is how the two technologies differ and how the work together in harmony. This is all facilitated in a secure safe session with me in purity’s reis.

Many blessings of ever pure tranquilized life.
Quanta Morph your life!