May 4, 2016 in News

Revolution – What do you want the new planetary social system to be?

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As I meet people that have stood up for truth and are still standing, I see an interesting correlation. There is a very coherent vibration emanating from them that resonates in their words. Instead of their words being embraced, they are prosecuted. Businesses and personal lives have been torn down, the have been physically beaten and even being blocked from working again in their own country. Unfortunately I have never met the ones that have been murdered but the stories I have heard from their friends allow me a glimpse of them actioning what they knew was right.

I wonder if I would have had the same drive to continue if I was in their shoes. This all boils down to when a being says enough and then takes action with whatever capacity that means. In this action, the compass is our own intelligence and morality and our determination is our fuel. When things look and feel the most thick with the resistance to change, our compass and determination sails us through. Reality then changes to reflect our idea.

Our societal system today is broken. Me adding my voice to the chorus about the issues is incorrect action. There is a saying “be the change the you want to see”. First the slave mind must be left outside of our divine house. Only free thought is permitted inside. When the words “is that allowed” or “what will someone else think about what I am doing” appears in our mind, that is a sign of the slave mind. Our social system today ensures these thoughts are in place.

My viewpoint on the resistance to fundamental foundation change is people only are looking only at their own reality and the fear of change in the perceived unknown on the outcome. As an example, some beings will read what I have here and only look for a basis to attack. These beings are a slave in totality to the social system in that they are receiving some sort of gain contributing to holding back societal evolution.

What I focus on is the outcome I want to see in the society presence on this planet. Then all action is evaluated to see if this is alignment with that. Allot of people seem to agree that the social system on this planet is broken. Forget everyone else and focus on what you want to see. What are you allowing someone else to tell you want to think for? I know the slave mind because I had one too. Put that aside and embrace the free mind. That is what will evolve the social system on this planet. Focusing on what we want to have in our reality will change reality.

May your part in the planetary revolution that we are already within be the change that you want to see here. If you make the decision to sit it out, then someone else will decide for you on what your reality is. What do you want the new planetary society to be after the current revolution is over? Be that now.