July 25, 2017 in News

Powerful New Moon July 2017

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Wow, that was a powerful new moon seeding. I have been working through a number of releases since including ego and persona. I am used to allot of emotional cleanses and purges before a new moon but never after this intense. As we grow discovering ourselves there may be parts of us that are no longer in alignment with as.

These parts are especially not easy to release since they can be part of our identity. Thoughts like who will I be after that is gone can arrive. “that is a part of me so I why would I get rid of that?” When you get to the other side of these releases, there is an initial state of confusion while you figure yourself out again. After this, there is a sense of relief, elation and being lighter. As the planet ascends, there is little room for staying as is so we are faced with these situations from time to time.

I am on the path of self mastery so my experiences are rather intense and amplified. Others that I assist have their own set of things to release on their path.

The key is to bring yourself during these times and do things in your life that you enjoy. The more joy and love for yourself, the easier these releases are. You must be in your true nature in order for these other parts of you to release harmoniously. If you empower that part of you that is ready for release, then it may imprison you.

Many blessings of illumed magnificence.