May 15, 2017 in Blog and Viewpoint, News

Body Vibration

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Many blessings.  In my body harmonization service I always talk of body vibration and the alignment of all the body is.  What I wanted to do today is talk more deeply on body vibration and how come this is so vital to well being.

Our bodies reside in the third dimension and within the third dimension there are levels of ascending harmonics or octaves.  Most human bodies reside in the bottom octaves of the third dimension.  Down here, the body is vibrating so slowly and is so densified that it is prone to attract many things to it.  You can “feel good” and still be vibrating in these low octaves.  I have worked with people that are very fit and eat well and they just get into no access energy in my scale I use in my service.  I have a subtle energy instrument with a numbering system so I know exactly what someone’s body vibration is.

What this means is that your body attracts more stressors to you like a magnet.  You are also more susceptible to the daily bombardment of world frequencies on this planet.  In lower vibration your body communication between systems can be out of alignment.  Each organ or gland is part of a system.  The liver is part of the digestive system and is supposed to communicate efficiently instantaneously to all of the body.  When an organ or gland gets infiltrated with stressors, it lowers in vibration which can attract more stressors.  The immune system will then place this organ or gland to the side detaching this even more from the body.  This then can open this organ or gland to dis-ease.

Down in this low vibration, anything new that arrives can place someone on the rails for days.  Most people are energy depletion already but the more healthy people are still on the teeter totter so anything arriving can all of a sudden sap energy.  So in one moment, all is great and the next moment time for a nap.  Also in lower vibration, sleep patterns are usually disrupted where you are never getting deep enough into sleep for melatonin and serotonin production.  This is vital for self repair of the body.  If this is never produced and your body is in lower vibration, then you are never really resting and the next day is less stable.

What I find is that there are 3-5 organs, glands or systems that are the lowest vitality.  Vitality is how alive each organ, gland or system is.  The immune system is directing so many energy marbles for the day at these 3-5 organs, glands or systems there is little energy left for day to day activities.  There are only so many energy marbles per day to be used and if sleep is not as deep they are depleted to begin with.  How can the body self-repair if it is constantly directing most or all of its energy to these areas?  If there is pain, then the energy marbles are going to this first.  So let’s say you start with 10 energy marbles for the day.  If you have allot of pain, then this goes down to 4 marbles right away.  Not much left for what the body needs to do.

Also in a lower vibration body, you can be less tuned to source.  If the body is distracted then you will have to invest in more time to tune into self or have to focus more to stay in a trance.  Spirit is very sensitive and if your body is in low vibration and getting bombarded, then spirit will be less inclined to be in your body.  When I was not well a couple of weeks ago, that was the first thing that I did was to get my spirit into my body so I could meditate for self-repair.

As the body rises in vibration, some stressors and frequencies cannot even attach to the body anymore.  As a stressed organ or glad is harmonized from the stressors inside of it, the organ or gland rises in vibration and the immune system embraces again.  This releases the anchor further from the body allowing a rise in vibration.  When a body starts to get into what I call “body upkeeps itself” or “body functions well, self-repair” then you can start producing melatonin and serotonin during the day instead of waiting for sleep.  You may also find that you require less sleep and still wake up refreshed and excited to take on the day.

The body is ultimately an instrument of us.  If this is in tune, then the orchestra sings a beautiful song that starts to open doors to even higher awareness and well being and dare I say ecstatic joy.  I hope that this expression has benefitted you in some way.

May your day be blessed in Ecstatic Joy.