July 21, 2017 in News

Introspection of Ascension

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Many blessings of self service.  As a number of my clients move on from my services into their new reality we cocreated together I always introspect on the changes I witnessed in the bloom of them.  Where I experience joy is the witness of someone blooming from manifesting what they want into their reality.  There is this beautiful glow that emanates from the beings that I assist that is soooo enrapturing.  A new reality has many faces and is totally free will in allowable reality.  The more open you are to a new reality the more flexible your allowable reality is.  Allowable reality is governed by perception, ego, psyche, etc.  An expression of my gift is to assist you in your ascension whatever that means to you in this moment.

One being was unable to read due to specific body issues and as a result of what I assist her in she is now reading, comprehending and retaining information.  I found out that she has not read in a long time and this was a joy origin now gifted to her.  There are many other beautiful things that have manifested for her but my intent is to articulate the joy that I feel when someone I assist blooms.  Her joy resonates inside and then emanates out and then I feel that.  This is my fuel in witness of this glory and resonating the blessing of joy.

Another being is just completing my services and she has completely stepped on to a new standing point of reality.  What this means is that what was is no longer and a totally new reality has presented.  Absolution of all past in what was ready to be released at this time.  I love when I witness this for spirit totally engages in the body in an ascension illuminating the cells of the body in beauty cementing the new reality in place until the next update is ready.  My technique is to ensure as best I can that there are no connections to any old reality that may draw a person backwards.  Only forward is the motion of creation.  I am so honoured to be with beings at these times in pure trust with no judgement.

So what do I do?  I am a guide that assists you through what you most desire in this moment whatever that is without judgement.  Even if you are feeling good and feel you are at the top of your game, I assure you there is another level of well-being.  People that resonate with me also assist other beings in service.  What if you were in even more alignment and harmony with yourself?  How would that affect your service to others?

Our planet is going through an ascension and a major shift in this solar system.  This is causing beings on this planet to desire something more and to rise to the next level of themselves in whatever that means to them.  Staying in place is no option here and you must rise or ascend.  I am here to assist beings in this process.  This is my calling and an expression of my gift.  I invite you in gallantry to contact me now and complete the next stage of the discovery of you and the next plateau of ascension and well-being.


Many blessings of peace resonated joy.