July 6, 2017 in Blog and Viewpoint

Ego Challenge For Protection

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Many blessings. Please be warned that I may trigger you as you read this. I hope this assists you in some way.

As ego is challenged it rears up to protect itself for it only wants the status quo or comfort zone. In abuse situations, this side of the person was to keep them safe and staying in a comfort zone is safe. When ego is activated by the psyche, emotions that may be felt include anger, annoyance, fear, anxiety, sadness, hurt feelings, etc. There are many things that can trigger ego to flare that is specific to each person’s reality. For me, the trigger is when something “unexplained” occurs and then I freak out a little pulling back saying to myself “what was that?”. I find this amusing in myself since I ask for things to occur and when they do I have a reaction. This occurs less and less moment by moment but my words I express are also for me.

If a being has chosen self mastery or to evolve, then this ego flare must be seen for what it is or it will forever keep you in a box and a prisoner. When this flairs, then there is an opportunity to see what is powering or charging this to then release the bondage. Then you can expand the continuum or perhaps this part of the ego can be blessed away in peace. I have blessed away whole personas and belief systems in my journey. Another thing is that you also need to take responsibility for your reality. Your feelings and reactions are your responsibility absolutely. This is self mastery. If someone makes you feel bad then this is an exploration and discovery inside. Words from someone should have no -ve reaction inside.

Seeing ego in clarity is essential for any sort of self growth, expansion or resolution. This is the anchor of the bungie cord that flings us back to this space. We can venture out to try new beautiful things but if this part is non-addressed we will get triggered and then fling back here again. We can start to discover a great thing about ourselves and rise but if the ego is never evolved with us, then it will kick in and pull us back into the comfort zone again loosing that rise. The ego can also kick in and then we can see this and address and continue the rise however. The key is to see this for what it really is and be a master of it rather than a slave.

May your ego, subconscious mind and psyche be ascended with living compassion in your journey.