A Reiki master and I have joined in divine cocreation to offer something new on this planet. Reiki with Body Harmonization. A serious potent combination what is an uplifting and LIFE shifting service called The Harmonic Attunement. We are pure, clean vessels of light and love and we care for our body, mind and soul regularly. When in session we ensure you are well protected to ensure the highest potential of the moment. Our focus is you in this moment in perfection. Together we offer a very pure combination of wellbeing, entity removal, and spiritual activation. Our service provides a safe, loving environment, where we are able to bring the physical body back to a place of self-repair and harmony, at a distance. We just need your picture.

Reiki is a form of focused harmonic energy that comes from the palms of the hands. Reiki can be focused over long distances to individuals, groups, situations in the past or present…there are so many ways that this amazing harmonizing force can be utilized! Reiki is also in harmony with regular medical care.

Body Harmonization is a scientific process using subtle energy to capture your cellular, genetic and spirit information and harmonize whatever is an issue for you. This is done through matching vibration frequencies of thousands of stressors (moulds, parasites, fungus, etc), then resonate match with them and then harmonizing them from the body. The body is then able to complete its job naturally in self repair. Body Harmonization is also in harmony with regular medical care.

Here are just some of the benefits of our cocreation:

  • Reverse symptoms of acute and chronic disease
  • Allergy resolution
  • Increases energy.
  • Release of anxiety
  • Instill a very peaceful, calm and serene feeling
  • Resolution of depression
  • Remove energy blocks and repressed emotions within the body
  • Alleviate pain
  • Helps to resolve grief and or trauma
  • Heightens intuition and activate your spiritual gifts
  • Improves mood
  • Makes you look and feel younger
  • Releases toxins from the body
  • Permanently uplift your vibration
  • Reverse genetic issues
  • Spiritual depossession

For only $400 what we do is use your picture to offer blessings of creation origin and deep harmonization to you anywhere on the planet. This service is used to get you through whatever is needed in that moment to upraise your body vibration. Once your body is in a higher vibration there is less chance of catching a cold or flu as an example and if you do you only may get a sniffle. For more chronic dis-ease we tend to recommend our body harmonization service.  Contact us to book a session or for more information.  We will assist you to select the harmonization package that is in alignment with you.

May you uprise in Joy.

(Services rendered come with no guaranties and no refunds will be offered.  Effectiveness of efforts depend on you and your willingness to make lifestyle changes if required to hold changes in place.  Please note that we cannot treat nor diagnose and offer a harmonization service to allow the body to do what it does best naturally manifesting well-being.)