Relationship Harmonization

Bring your relationship into harmony with each other and external reality.



When 2 or more beings are together, there can be a disharmonic in the energies that can cause repelling between.  There can also be external influences such as negative forces and distractions causing a being to be out of alignment with the  relationship.  What this service of mine does is use a picture of each of you to then harmonize one with the other and then swap and harmonize the other with the original person.  This will assist in changing any repelling to attraction.  Then I harmonize the two of you with any apposing forces so then you focus on one another.  All we need is your picture and we can work with you anywhere on the planet. No physical contact is required.

Do you have an Ex that is interfering with your new relationships?  You can give me a picture of him or her and then I can harmonize that from you and your new relationship as part of the interference protocol I developed.  I only need permission and cooperation from one in the relationship but for even deeper effects if I can get permission from both of you then this is an even deeper offering of harmonic vibrational attraction.

This lovely relationship harmonization package allows a deeper harmony between beings and external reality.  Many blessings of purity.