Transcend your body into pure harmony

Business Harmonization

Business Harmonization


Harmonize yourself with your business and your business with you so you are in union flow.



When you created your business you had many ideas for what that would be.  Maybe you just created this or maybe you have had your business for many years.  Your business is its own living entity where it can have -ve energies and projections against it.  You can also get out of harmonic resonance with your business for whatever reason all causing a repelling.  What this service of mine does is use a picture of your business card or use a picture of your hand writing of your business name and your picture and I will then harmonize you with your business and then your business with you.  This will assist in changing any repelling to attraction.  Then I harmonize you and your business with any apposing forces so then there is a close unity so you are as one with your business propelling through reality together. 
Do you have a competitor or a person that is interfering with your business?  You can give me a picture of this business name or person and then I can harmonize that from you and your business as part of the interference protocol I developed. 
 This lovely business harmonization package allows a deeper harmony with external reality.  What a wonderful feeling to be as one in the flow of life so energy can be put into motion.
Many blessings of purity.