Surgery Harmonization Package

When going in for surgery there a number of phases to the process and we are there all the way through to offer a faster recovery time.



When going in for surgery there a number of phases to the process.  First is the preparation for the surgery for the room, then the surgery itself, then the recovery spanning the hospital to when going home.  In our surgery package, we work through the whole way to first harmonize the hospital operating room with Surgeon if known and prepare the body and specific area of the surgery.  Then we assist during the surgery for harmonization of the drugs and anaesthesia with blood harmonization.  After the surgery is completed, then we change things up to assist in the recovery process especially with the part of the body that was the surgery.  The whole process also works in harmony with any medications being used or other modalities.  All we need is a picture and we can work anywhere on the planet. No physical contact is required.

Here are just some of the possible benefits (every body is different in their results):

  • Hospital and operating room harmonization
  • Surgeon harmonization (nice to have him or her in a great mood)
  • Chemical poison harmonization including anaesthesia
  • Blood harmonization (Bleeding and Clotting)
  • Drug harmonization
  • Release of trauma in the surgical area for faster recovery
  • Offer highest outcome potential in the moment
  • Release of anxiety
  • Instill a very peaceful, calm and serene feeling
  • Alleviate pain
  • Releases toxins from the body

Very custom harmonizations are also available if required.