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Quanta Morph Harmonizations

With the new quanta morph harmonization being added now service choices, I figured I would chat a little on the difference between our body harmonization service. Quanta uses sound harmonics for how it harmonizes and how your bodies are touched in purity. This technology is access to

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Quanta Morph

Many blessings. I am pleased to announce a wonderful new multidimensional product called Quanta Morph.  This is a card the size, shape and durability of a credit card that resonates harmonization and protection as appropriate. One card is for dark forces removal and protection. Have you had

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Spirit Attachment and Possession Harmonization

Many blessings. As I have worked with people I am finding more and more that allot of issues originate from sprit attachment or even possession. This is when an entity attaches to you in some way, they become a part of you thoughts and feelings and even

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Phoenix Immortality

Many blessings. Over the last while since my last post I have been meditating on immortality. One story that I have always used in my journey has been the phoenix. Many times over and over again I have been remade however as I embrace immortality I see

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Letting Go All Less Than Our Current Choices

Many blessings. Letting go of all that is less than our current choices in a firm commitment is so critical to ensure we can embrace what is in alignment with us in this moment. So many times I have attempted to embrace something new or manifest reality and there

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Triggers In Life

Many blessings.  As we run into a trigger in life there are a number of reactions that can occur depending on what moment you are brought back to.  If the situation is perceived to be large enough, then ego will kick in to protect at all costs.  In severe

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Powerful New Moon July 2017

Wow, that was a powerful new moon seeding. I have been working through a number of releases since including ego and persona. I am used to allot of emotional cleanses and purges before a new moon but never after this intense. As we grow discovering ourselves there

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Introspection of Ascension

Many blessings of self service.  As a number of my clients move on from my services into their new reality we cocreated together I always introspect on the changes I witnessed in the bloom of them.  Where I experience joy is the witness of someone blooming from

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Interview from Holistic Hot Talk Radio

Interview from Holistic Hot Talk Radio

Here is our interview from Holistic Hot Talk Radio about our body harmonization service!  I hope you enjoy it.  For more information on our beautiful body harmonization service, click here. Click here for Holistic Hot Talk Radio – Pat Kennedy Eves List Everyone’s body is unique and has had a

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Ego Challenge For Protection

Many blessings. Please be warned that I may trigger you as you read this. I hope this assists you in some way. As ego is challenged it rears up to protect itself for it only wants the status quo or comfort zone. In abuse situations, this side

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  1. Butterflies of Wisdom Today
  2. Holistic Hot Talk Radio - Pat Kennedy Eves List

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