We added this page to our site to assist in clarity.  Feel free to contact us if you have another question or desire deeper clarity.  The questions below have been asked from a number of people and we always honour everyone.

Aren’t wireless devices like Wi-Fi, Cell phone, smart meters, baby monitors safe?

The government has been a corporation for some time and this is all about money now.  They sold the wireless spectrum or frequencies printing money literally out of thin air and have a vested interest to say this technology is safe.  The wireless companies would not be happy if the government turned around and told the truth and said that the technology is dangerous.  Health Canada for example has the safety bar raised so high that most technologies can be declared safe.  If it does not cook you, it is safe they say.  Once we look through an international study lens, then a new reality manifests and we discover that most of the environment we are in is a health risk.  The science debate is over and we have discovered that this technology causes cancer.  Cancer is a modern disease from the environment and was non-existent ages ago.

Why is the government saying there are no smart meter fires?

The fire inspections are not allowed to investigate the smart meter and hydro companies quickly remove the smart meter from the scene before the inspection.  This ensures that the meter is never included in the legal investigation so the authorities can legally say that there are no smart meter fires.  All fires are a crime scene until the investigator says otherwise so the removal of anything from the crime scene is technically illegal.  This technicality allows the authorities to say that there are no fires.

How come the newspaper and TV never talk about this?

The media was purchased by corporations some time ago.  For example Rogers purchased global TV and ensures that anything about wireless technology is favourable.  Anything real is never mentioned on the mainstream news channels and research is required to ensure what is being said is the whole truth or even truth at all.  In the old days media was independent and interested in truth.  Now one corporation can have many magazines, papers, radio stations and TV stations under their payroll which allows them to fool us by having one message across many outlets.  In the old days, we could say I heard this in many places so it must be true but now this is no longer the case since one entity owns many and really is only one viewpoint.

How do I protect myself?

The first step is what you are doing right now: Asking an intelligent question.  By asking an intelligent question, a portal of truth opens allowing divine information to enter your reality.  There is an old saying if it feels right it must be so.  Truth is a specific vibration.  Until enough people act to make a change, you will need to protect your physical body.  Hire a professional to evaluate your home or business and give you a report of what smog is intruding into your reality.  This professional will also inform you of the protection you need to ensure your body is safe.  Hopefully one day we can propel in our reality without risk to our well-being.

How come there are cell towers wireless hot spots appearing on schools and public places?

This is all about money and the people allowing these cancer transmitters on their buildings receive payment every month by the owner of the tower.  A school in the US was boasting how they were able to afford a new playground after only a few months of installing a cell tower on the school.  Standards most governments use were from experiments on adults and never included children.  Children have much thinner smaller skulls and wireless radiation penetrates their whole brain.  Insurance companies have woken up to the risk and are now excluding wireless damages from their policies.  Anyone with a cancer transmitter on their building is personally liable for any damages and completely unprotected from insurance.  Everyone has a basic human right to a safe environment and you can legally demand that this transmitter is turned off and seek damages from the person or people responsible.  The wireless provider has ensured the person that allowed the transmitter is the one liable and will just walk away free.

How are standards created?

Internationally the standards are created with truth as intent.  Countries then take these standards and modify them for the local business environment.  An international business can just move to another country that is more favourable to them (the government is a business too) so the government tames the standards.  In North America, there is no protection at all and international studies are almost completely excluded so companies are free to police themselves.  Fox in the hen house.  We know from history that a corporation can never police itself and needs external independent scrutiny.

Weren’t public organizations created to police government?

The government has created what are called acts and by-laws to govern their workings.  This is equivalent to business articles of incorporation and a set of rules that they change when they want without public involvement.  Base laws are ratified by the people and can only be changed by a majority of the people.  If any act or bylaw is different to a law, the law is used.  An act or by-law can never break the law.  Governments created organizations to police themselves but have recently changed acts so there is no longer any real scrutiny.  This keeps the entity around for show but really there is no longer people control or scrutiny over government actions.

How is wireless technology dangerous?

Wireless technology uses Microwave radiation through the air to communicate.  Microwave technology is used to remove the nutrients from your food when you heat it up.  The way this works is the cells are vibrated causing friction which then heats up the food.  That is why microwaves do not heat evenly since more densely packed cells will result in more heat.  Microwave technology vibrates cells at any level and is the nature of this technology.  Wireless technology uses microwaves so as soon as the biological being gets hit with a microwave, the cells are immediately vibrated.  Some people have more tolerance for this than others but the biological fact is that all beings are vibrated.  Ever wonder why a cell phone causes your head to heat up?   Ever wonder why you get a headache around a smart meter or cell tower?  The cells of your body are being vibrated which is causes disease from them diverting vitality to repair themselves.  Ever take a bottle of soda and shake it until you see bubbles?  Image the cells of your body as they are shaken with the microwave vibration.  Live cell analysis has proven that the cells are immediately affected by microwave radiation.  Declassified military documents have shown what our newest studies have concluded.  This technology is dangerous and is used in wars.  Given this technology was designed for warfare, do you really want this around you?

What can I do?  I am only one person.

This is a strategy created in the Roman era to make you feel helpless so you accept what others want.  Every city and town have meetings on a regular basis talking about public interests to find out even more information.  Find one near you and remove your participation in things that you do not agree with.  Even the government is a business so if you do not participate in things you do not agree with, then there will be change.  Don’t purchase wireless technology as an example.  Do not purchase any food without “non GMO” on the label.  Corporations control what is allowed on the label but what is placed on the label must be so.  If the label does not have what you want purchase something else.  That is why labels have “non GMO” appearing from this very non-participation.  Your money is your real vote.

Is Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) a mental condition?  My friends says they are getting a headache and feel tired around Microwave radiation but I am fine and I am told this is not real.

Everyone is affected by microwave radiation and has been proven with live cell analysis.  There is what is called the absorption rate as the new exposure is added to the previous exposure (cumulative).  You may not feel an issue today but in a year of your exposure level and as more and more wireless devices are added, you will eventually experience an issue.  Perhaps your cells of your body are so traumatized already that you are numb so by taking a break from all modern devices and microwave radiation exposure for a length of time no less than 4 days you may feel EHS when you return to your environment. We call this cellular relaxation where the cells have been repaired or replaced by the body enough to have mostly healthy tissue again.

EHS is very real and is an official diagnosis in certain countries on the planet.  Austria is a world leader today where they train their medical staff to diagnose and treat EHS.  Studies have concluded that over 50% of the industrialized population will be EHS by 2017.  Our viewpoint at Creative Harmonic Solutions is that this will be much more as the 4G cell phone network is fully deployed and with 5G around the corner.  The Smart Grid is just coming on-line now in mesh networks so we estimate 75% of the population will be EHS by 2017.