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We are Located in the sunny Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada.  My personal determination is to assist you in whatever you wish to bring into your life without any judgment as rapidly as you allow perhaps achieving what you only imagined before.  Creative Harmonic Solutions started with a body harmonization service for humans and animals since without a great vehicle to propel in on this planet life is really not so good.  Then I started to add specialty ideas for those that wanted to bring more abundance in their life or perhaps nurture you external relationship with that special someone.

There are so many coaches and services for this and that on this planet.  How are you to decide what is really in alignment with or good for you?  Perhaps something on my site allured you and you just want to talk to me to see if I am the one to focus what you really want into your life.  My name is Bob and I can be reached at info@creativeharmonicsolutions.com or fill out the contact form below and submit and we can talk more in depth.  I am a good listener.

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Unfortunately I had to add a quiz here from the amount of SPAM received by annoying people that have nothing better to do than intrude on people's contact forms. If this continues by these dishonourable people I will have to remove the contact form.

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