We are blessed and honoured to know beings in service on this planet that are in alignment with Creative Harmonic Solutions.  Feel free to check out the beings websites below for what services they provide.  Atva cume servut.  I came to serve.


Thuy Tran – We’re going to get our priorities in order with practical tool that will immediately help you make conscious choices to turn your biggest dreams into reality & live at your highest potential.  I’m Thuy Tran and to most I’m known as a Master Manifestor, Intuitive Healer/Guide but to a special few, I’m also known as a Spiritual CFO.  Click here to visit Thuy.

The Spark Within – Tara’s divine service is a mix of many modalities and she is a blessing to work with anyone who is in alignment with her.  Click here to visit Tara.

perfect HEALTH is a CHOICE – I am happy to offer you an opportunity to understand yourself and your health through the practices of Registered Massage, CranioSacral Technique, Medical Qigong and Access Consciousness. Click here to visit Megan. 

HEINER TheDesigner – I turn my clients’ dreams to reality using knowledge gained during my architecture career combined with European sensibility for design and craftsmanship.  Click here to visit Heiner.