Energy plus consciousness manifests reality.  Everyone has energy but many people are too distracted to manifest what they want.  Once consciousness and focus are added to energy, reality is manifested.  Our service works in the flow of manifestation before matter is physical.

To manifest reality you first focus on what you want.  This generates the great idea.  Then you consciously engage creation and add energy with passion which then manifests the reality you desire.  Let’s say for the sake of this interaction that you want to manifest well-being for yourself.  Incoherent stressors are within your bio-field that distorts the great idea which could result in the manifestation of the opposite what you want.

The service we provide is to harmonize the stressors so what we are working with will naturally return to perfection.  From our viewpoint all we work with is perfect in every way and we are simply providing a service to assist in the natural return to this state.

When we work with a human body as an example, we discover the stressors pulling the body away from innate perfection.  Each of the stressors are a specific vibration that we tune to and then we increase the intensity until we precisely match the stressor we are working with.  The stressor is harmonized when its vibration and intensity are precisely matched.

How do you think your manifestation of reality would improve with direct access to creation without stressors distorting reality?

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