There is allot of science out there that even contradicts itself manifesting lack of clarity and allowing confusion.  When anyone says something to you, perhaps ask where did they get their information from.  Government or industry is included in this where we have the right to know what information was used and origin for a decision especially when safety is within awareness.  Then you perhaps you may ask the following questions:

  • Who paid for the science or study?  Generally who pays for the study is who is making the decisions on what gets published.  If a company is publishing its own study in the interests of selling its product, this is probably information to be ignored for a final decision.
  • Were the people that conducted the study interested in science or just listening to who paid them?  If the person is just concerned they may be terminated from their employment, the public interest may be a lower priority.
  • Do any of the people in the study have a conflict of interest or was there a declaration of a possible conflict of interest?  Someone that works for a cell phone provider may be biased against cell phone safety and more towards selling products or services.
  • Is the peer reviewer for the study impartial and is non-personal with the researcher study being reviewed?  Studies are out there where the person performing the study and the person reviewing the work for accuracy and science are good friends.

Once a study is found to be impartial and unbiased, the details of the study can be reviewed to determine if our belief systems can be altered.  Today, we may have a belief but with an open mind, tomorrow, we may have a different belief.  If science is biased and just promoting an agenda, how can this be a basis of our belief systems?

When you ask the core questions possibly from above for a statement that says that a product or technology is safe, this may assist a person telling others information he or she may have heard.  This works towards ensuring possible propaganda is not being repeated to the next person we interact with resulting in a reality where information is unbiased and informative.  Making our own brilliant choices from clear information with no agenda or special interest group bias.  Does this sound like a great goal to you?

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