There is allot of information around on the Smart Grid, Smart Appliances and Smart Meters.  As with any subject, there can be information that is misleading or confusing.  Please refer to our page on biased science awareness for more information.  With the questions that have been asked of us the last while and the hype about Smart Meters, we chose to offer clarity.

The Smart Grid is being advertised as an upgrade to the existing electrical grid to reduce costs for the electrical utilities by offering an intelligence to how power is delivered.  There are a number of implementations but the most common is a wireless link between everything that uses power transmitting to a wireless Smart Meter on the dwelling that then transmits wirelessly to ultimately connect via nearby powerful wireless transmitters/receivers eventually within wireless mesh networks to the power utility.  The savings are advertised to come from no human needed to read the meter and for consumers of power to schedule when power can be used by being aware of peak and non-peak power times and other factors.

[one_half]Wireless Smart Meter connection in Smart Power Grid to power utility company[/one_half] [one_half_last]Wireless Home Area Network in Smart Power Grid[/one_half_last]

Anything with the “Smart” label is usually a technology that is designed to work with this smart grid.  The core technology used is a wireless transmitter in the microwave frequency or bandwidth and is classified as Radio Frequency Radiation.  This is added to any wireless technology that already exists in the dwelling such as Wi-Fi and cordless phones.  The Smart Technology is also designed to transmit what power is being consumed at any given time per day to the hydro Smart Meter for the power utility to then store for data mining.  Ultimately, the power utility will know exactly when you use each of your Smart Appliances, for how long and how much power was consumed.  Within the Smart Appliance, the technology has the ability to turn off the appliance until it is ready for use on the Smart Grid.

Your Smart Meter on your house or business dwelling is transmitting not only what your meter reading is at the one time per month this is needed for billing but is also transmitting all the detail usage information of every Smart Appliance in your home as well as the general use of your electricity for anything that is not Smart for every moment of every day.  If someone else’s Smart Meter is not able to transmit directly to the power utility, then this will transmit to your smart meter and then you are not only transmitting all of your information but also any neighbours.

The Smart Meter and Smart Appliances are all what are called computer network devices.  This means that they are always transmitting information to broadcast their unique network ID and to be registered on the network.  This is why security experts warn us that the Smart Grid network can be hacked and has opened up a risk that was not there before.  As an example when you connect your laptop or tablet to a wireless network, you can do this at any time since the router is constantly transmitting.  Once there is a connection and when information is being transmitted, then the radiation exposure goes up exponentially.

Not only is the Smart Meter transmitting Radio Frequency Radiation constantly but all the Smart Appliances as well.  Then you add in all your neighbours within 100 meters to a block radius just for the appliances (Smart Meters transmit up to 2 KM), you are getting allot of radiation exposure.  Another factor is the wave intersection from each of the transmitters.  There are studies that show that if your cellular body is where there is a wave intersection, this packs more of a punch than if you just got hit with one transmission radiation wave.  Imagine all these waves from all these devices hitting you at one time?  You can refer to our cellular body page for more information on the effect on the cells of your body.

Radiation Frequency initial waves and intersection waves

Other information we have been hearing lately is if the wireless transmitter is turned off (commonly called the radio off option), the technology is safe.  This technology also generates Dirty Electricity and a strong Electromagnetic Field.  Dirty Electricity is a disharmonic frequency or interference in the electrical cage of your dwelling that also vibrates your cellular body making it uncomfortable and prone to sickness.

Electromagnetism mostly affects the brain where there is a large accumulation and concentration of magnetic minerals and substances but this also affects the whole body.  There is allot of information about magnetic therapy if you would like to know more about the magnetic properties of the human cellular body.

In summary, the wireless Smart Grid is very dangerous to the well-being of the cellular body.  There is a triumbrance of Radio Frequency Radiation, Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Fields which amplifies the effects that each would have by themselves.  The results of our own scientific experiments rate this technology as Severe Concern using the Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines SBM-2008.  There is still no protection from Health Canada or the FDA for these devices so we have to rely on international standards and education. The WHO has declared this technology a possible POSSIBLY CARCINOGENIC TO HUMANS and this organization is a front runner in the safety standards update.  The devices being deployed in British Columbia, Canada also do not have a certification seal with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and therefore raises many safety concerns in Canada including fire riskClick here for more information on the fire risk of smart meters.

Click here for our more information pages for Radio Frequency Radiation, Electromagnetic and Dirty Electricity for more in depth information.

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