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Body Harmony

Many blessings. Body harmony is when your body is in harmony with itself and with you. As the body comes into alignment, there is a general upliftment and many things just slip away from the body. This increases the available energy for the day because there is

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Our First Commercial

I have received a wonderful gift of a commercial from a beautiful being.  Many blessings of gratitude!  Check it out below and share for us if you are so inclined to spread the word.  My personal joy is from witnessing someone achieve something that was perhaps only imagined before.

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Subtle Energy and Dis-ease

Many blessings. In my service, I work allot with subtle energy and the nature of dis-ease. As we are flowing through conception, we have our first opportunity to experience the first negative energies. Once we experience that first negative energy after conception, this creates a shell around

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Ascension Guide

Many blessings. In my body harmonization service I work allot with ascension. There are many ideas what ascension is on this planet is so I thought I would share from my viewpoint. The mechanics of ascension are a rise within whatever duration of time and effort and

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Body Vibration

Many blessings.  In my body harmonization service I always talk of body vibration and the alignment of all the body is.  What I wanted to do today is talk more deeply on body vibration and how come this is so vital to well being. Our bodies reside

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Many Spirits in House

I contacted Bob and Tara because of I had so many spirits in my home that many disturbances were starting. Objects moving and being pushed of counters and many other things making me scared and nervous. Now that Bob and Tara have assisted me, my house and

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Overcome my life’s traumas and go from a Survivor to a Thriver

I have been on a dedicated healing path for two years now. I have become a Reiki Master and have educated myself on various healing methods to help overcome some of the more tragic experiences in my life. It has become my mission to overcome my life’s

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The Harmonic Miracle Attunement

Many blessings. I am pleased to announce that a Reiki master and I have joined in divine cocreation to offer something new on this planet. Reiki with Body Harmonization. A serious potent combination what will be an uplifting and LIFE shifting service called The Harmonic Miracle Attunement.

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Revolution – What do you want the new planetary social system to be?

As I meet people that have stood up for truth and are still standing, I see an interesting correlation. There is a very coherent vibration emanating from them that resonates in their words. Instead of their words being embraced, they are prosecuted. Businesses and personal lives have

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View Inside the Body for our Service

Here is a view inside the body that shows how the technology we use for our service works in real-time.  This is a live blood analysis showing the improvement of the blood cells and plasma. [ylwm_vimeo height=”280″ width=”500″ byline=”false” portrait=”false”]131872993[/ylwm_vimeo]

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