Numerology is the mathematical expression or representation of the emotion and energy contained in the words chosen to communicate to another being.  As there are many ways to write a sentence to interact in clarity there are also many ways to change even as little as one word to completely change the energy the receiving being feels when reading.

In sales for example, you may be seeding a future sale, nurturing or closing as 3 of the main phases.  Wouldn’t it be grand to communicate that energy to the person to better position what you want in your sale?  What about romance or any relationship?  Having the energy of nurturing is very beneficial while communicating love.

This is how I have used numerology in every day life and I have personally seen the difference in wording something the way I did before and using numerology.  The way this works is each letter is a number and then there is a way to add this up for the words to then receive a final 1 or 2 digit number.  A 2 digit number is what is called a repeating number or master number.  11 is a repeating 1 and is very significant.  No matter what you are constructing for words for whatever reason, if you receive an 11, 22 or 33 this is very powerful.

A final number of 1 is seeding and means that you are seeding a concept with someone and you will grow with this later.  So in every day life, this is like meeting someone for the first time and you are growing the relationship.  I have a table below that illustrates each of the numbers and what they mean.  To assist in your calculation of this, I created an app that you can access at the android store.  I will also be offering a version for apple mobiles too.  Once you have the app, then you can view this table below at any time to assist you to receive the final number you want.  Just copy and paste what you construct to email or text.


Number What It Means In Every Day Life
1 Initial idea of the intent with this relationship or concept
2 Seeding a relationship or starting a concept to get it moving
3 Nurture the concept giving it what it needs to grow
4 Grow and add energy to the concept
5 Witness the growing of the concept in triumph
6 Destruction.  VERY effective for that stall in the process where something is getting in the way.
7 Grow your concept or relationship without distraction
8 Harvest and growth maturity of the concept feeling the fullness of all the energy invested
9 Completion of the relationship in the fullest potential of the moment
** Repeating or master numbers
11 Master number representing illumination for any message resonation.
22 Master number representing becoming what is being expressed in wisdom
33 Master number representing the complete potential of humanity in purity


Master numbers can be used in any concept being expressed and you will achieve the desired effect.  The single numbers are important to know what you want to achieve.  What I found when using numerology is that I more thought out and ensured the writing is exactly how I wanted and I know it works.  At first it takes a bit of time to get used to but then your language and vocabulary will change and then your words will be exactly how you want and this tool will then become more of a double check.

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